Contact our customer service department with any other questions:  1.877.457.8012


  1. How do I rent a VascuTherm 4?

    • Select & fill out the ‘Rental Request Form’ from the top menu.  You will then receive a confirmation email that we have received your rental request.  Our customer service department will contact you regarding payment.


  2. How does the unit arrive at my home & how do I ship it back?

    • We ship the unit directly to your door via courier.  When your rental is up, you simply wipe the unit down, put it back in it’s original box, seal and place the waybill on the box. (We email you a return waybill when we ship your rental to you).

      Call the courier at the phone number we provide you and they will pick the unit up from your home (there is no additional charge for returning the unit).   If you have any questions, please call our customer service department:  1.877.457.8012.


  3. Is the wrap included in the $290.00 price of the rental?

    • No.  The wrap is an additional cost.


  4. Do I have to order a wrap with my rental?

    • No you do not.  Select, ‘No Thanks.  I have a wrap’ from the drop down menu.

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