ViroVac™ Smoke Evacuation System

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Product Description


Combining simplicity and ultra-quiet operation in a compact package, the ViroVac™ Surgical Smoke Evacuation System exceeds expectations for value and efficacy. The unique 3-port filter offers a variety of options when choosing an accessory or tube set to meet the clinical need.


ViroVac™ is designed to be simple to use, flexible in its options for tubing and accessories, and sets new precedents for quiet operation. Providing effective surgical smoke evacuation that encompasses 4 layers of filtration and up to 35 hours of filter life, the ViroVac will deliver the performance necessary to effectively manage surgical smoke plume with unsurpassed value. Operate with a footpedal, control panel, or optional EZ Link or Remote Switch Activator.



  • Compact design allows for easy placement on a shelf or counter and accommodates stack-ability
  • Quiet, yet powerful operation will assist in providing a safe operating environment without disruption
  • 35 hour maximum filter life delivers unsurpassed value and reduces per procedure costs
  • 3-port filter design puts the power of hose and accessory options in your hand and eliminates adapters
  • Filter ports are covered for additional safety
  • Simplicity reduces training needs and enhances utilization



Optional Remote Switch Activator turns the smoke evacuator on with ESU activation. (Model #RSA1002):


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  • buffalo filter
  • virovac4

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