M200 Fall Monitoring System

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Product Description

Supports Individualized Care Plans, Tailored to Your Fall Management Program
The M200 Fall Monitoring System is STANLEY Healthcare’s newest and most advanced fall monitoring solution. With a sleek, durable design, the monitor can quickly and easily be configured to support your unique fall management program and to address the individual needs of each patient or resident.


  • Two pads, one monitor
    With the M200, you can connect two pads to a single monitor at the same time. Connect to a pad on a bed and another pad in a wheelchair or side chair. This capability eliminates the need to continually disconnect and reconnect pad cords—enhancing safety while saving caregivers time.
  • Individual delay settings
    Healthcare personnel care for patients and residents with individual needs and varying levels of activity. The M200 makes it easy to establish individual delay settings (choose a delay of 0,1 or 2 seconds on each monitor). This may reduce false alarms and help avoid alarm fatigue among staff.
  • Standard yet personal
    Now there is no need to purchase and maintain multiple solutions to meet the diverse needs of those in your care. With the M200, you can standardize on a single product—while configuring each monitor based on individual care plans.
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