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Product Description

LiftSeat®  300

An important component of a comprehensive after-care program for patients once they are discharged from a hospital or sub-acute facility. By supporting the sit-to-stand motion path required for toileting, LiftSeat® makes it possible to toilet bedside or in the bathroom without lifting assistance from a family member or other caregiver. This increased safety and independence makes LiftSeat® a viable, permanent powered toilet lift solution for the home bathroom.


  • Help ensure full recovery
  • Help people stay in their home longer
  • Reduces chance for a patient fall
  • Prevents injury to caregiver helping
  • Provides independence and dignity
  • Can be used over-the-toilet or as a powered bedside commode


LiftSeat® Powered Toilet Lifts

Originally developed as professional products for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, long-term care, skilled nursing facilities and other institutions. LiftSeat® now offers a powered toilet lift for home use. Individuals can buy the Independence II directly from LiftSeat.  LiftSeat delivers safe, reliable and comfortable assistance to people who battle conditions that compromise their strength and need assistance getting on and off the toilet.

Toilet Liftseat

  • Delivers safe, stable support
  • Reduces the risk of falls and injuries
  • Ensures privacy in the bathroom
  • Prolongs ability to live at home
  • Toilet Liftseat

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