“Cuts/tears/punctures are common to hospital mattresses
in healthcare facilities, and have been shown to harbor dangerous
pathogens that
contribute to Healthcare-Associated Infections.”

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Product Description

Rapid, Low Cost Table Pad, Positioner and Gel Pad Repair CleanPatch is a first-in-class medical surface repair patch for hospital beds and stretchers that restores damaged mattresses to an intact and hygienic state. The product is designed to repair over 90% of the cuts/tears/punctures common to hospital mattresses and many other hospital surfaces, and has completed independent laboratory testing and clinical evaluation.

The inspiration for CleanPatch came from an ICU Nurse Barbara Potter, who had been facing this issue for over 25 years without any widespread, cost-effective solution. CleanPatch is best used as part of a preventative maintenance solution to address early signs of damage on mattresses and other soft surfaces (i.e. wheelchairs, commodes, exam tables).



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11001 CleanPatch 2” Circle 30/Box Small, 10001 CleanPatch 3.5” x 3.5 “ 20/Box Medium, 12001 CleanPatch 3.5” x 6 “ 10/Box Large

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