Insufflation, Drain and Suction Tubing

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Product Description

One piece, low cost  replacement for latex or silicone extensions and tubing for neuro, ENT and other suction requirements. 

Use for surgical procedures such as myringotomy, craniotomy, and other where latex or silicone tubing may still be in use.


Our single piece 10’ or 15’ unique soft and drapable, low memory tubing replaces pieced together silicone or latex pieces, plastic connectors and regular suction connecting tubes.

Soft finger friendly, multi fit connectors accept any suction instrument and allow  easy tip change during procedures.



  • No more processing latex or silicone in hospital
  • Soft and drapable, DEHP free, up to 15’
  • LL and / or multi-fit softgrip ends for easy connection
  • No more expensive lost metal connectors
  • Low cost, disposable
  • Custom sizes and connector configurations available




  • TDC
  • insufflation
  • Insufflation
  • suctiontubing

Additional Information


FI-001-LLC Set, Insufflation, ST,10’ tbg,Fltr,2LL 10/bx, FI-004-12MMC Set, Insufflation,ST,10’ tbg fltr,1LL,1-12M 10/bx, FI-005-FC Set, Insufflation,ST,10’ tbg fltr,1LL,1FC 10/bx, FI-006-QC Set, Insufflation ST & Quick Connect 10/bx, FI-007-22MMC Set, Insufflation,ST,10’ tbg fltr,1LL,1-22M, 1 10/bx, TDC-002 Set,Connecting tubing 10’ w/LL & Funnel Connectors 20/bx, TDC-002 10’ with one luer and one funnel connector (For Veress needle to insufflation filter, or arthroscope drainage) 20/case, TDC-15-FFL 15’ with multi fit funnel connectors (For ENT and neuro procedures) 20/case

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