4 Pad System Wireless Scale

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Product Description

Portable, Lightweight with Wireless Controller, this makes setup and ease of use phenomenal.

The scale design has 3 major elements:

  • 4 low profile, portable, battery-operated weighing pads, and a wireless remote display.
  • To weigh a patient, a health care provider places a weighing pad in front of each wheel and simply rolls the wheelchair onto the 4 pads.
  • The pads communicate wirelessly to the remote display, which combines the measurements from each pad, subtracts the weight of the wheelchair, and displays the resulting patient weight.

The system comes with:
1. 4 Disc Pads
2. 1 Wireless Remote/ with Lanyard
3. Rubber Controller Glove
4. (Optional) Hard Shell Rolling Case
5. All Batteries included

  • 4 Pad
  • 4 Pad Setup

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